Docker is not using a supported storage driver


I actually have a problem with Docker. When I want to install Discourse on the version Ubuntu 18.04 Standard, I have this error :

Your Docker installation is not using a supported storage driver. If we were to proceed you may have a broken install.
aufs is the recommended storage driver, although zfs and overlay2 may work as well.
Other storage drivers are known to be problematic.
You can tell what filesystem you are using by running “docker info” and looking at the ‘Storage Driver’ line.
If you wish to continue anyway using your existing unsupported storage driver, read the source code of launcher and figure out how to bypass this check.

I actually have

Storage Driver: vfs

I have tried to search lot of tutorial, but none works.

If you have an idea, it’s pleasure :slight_smile:

From the docker manual:

  • The vfs storage driver is intended for testing purposes, and for situations where no copy-on-write filesystem can be used. Performance of this storage driver is poor, and is not generally recommended for production use.

You may want to read Docker storage drivers | Docker Documentation and change to either aufs or overlay2.

Following our official install guide in a Ubuntu 18.04 server will give you a supported storage driver.


Thanks for your response. But, i see nothing concerning installation of aufs or overlay2. I already follow this official guide but I have this error

Are you installing into a VPS at DigitalOcean?

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No, I purchased vps on

It’s impossible to cover every hosting in the world, and that is why we test the most common ones, like Amazon LightSail, Digital Ocean and Vultr, and recommend those.

Regarding, I would assume you need to buy their “VPS Professionnel” product to get a “real” server, which looks like KVM based.