Authorise users agains DNN site (Dot Net Nuke as OpenID provider)

DotNetNuke is one of most common CMS in microsoft ecosystem
I love DNN and I also love Discourse.
My users resident ad DNN cms and I am using theri cerdinals for sending it to other apps.
Ill love to make simbiose so My users can login to Discourse instance if their account is Valid (approved) at DNN
Dnn can’t provide options to be OpenID server .
Dnn has pworful API (they using ASP.NET web api) And using that api is realy easy.
Ill love to try make DNN module whic will be OpenID or endpoit for authetnfication of users.
I have minor knowledge of C# and developing modules on DNN , But I do not know anything about Ruby.
I am willing to pay someone to help me make discourse plugin for calling DNN api to do authorization of users.
When I develop winforms apps and have needs for using DNN user authentication I simply call from winforms
DNN API endpoint whit cardinals and get JSON response of authentication, user_id, User Full name and other.
May discourse do authentication like that, To call some API URI and ask for login. If they pass authenticatefication user can go on.

I did it by myself