I need a developer to create an OmniAuth strategy for ASP.NET site to Discourse authentication

I am really in a bind. I persuaded a client with an ASP.NET MVC site that Discourse was the best option to replace their mailing lists and discussion forum (both are horrible).

Now I need to figure out how to allow users from their site to authenticate without having to enter a username and password in Discourse.

I’m willing to pay.

What is your timeline?

Like a month (at most…Sooner is always better :))…I need time to import the data (in a very basic form) from the old forum.

I really think I won’t be the only person doing this sort of integration. I heard about Discourse on all the many .NET podcasts.

I know that @michaeld has done several forum imports, and several SSO setups. Maybe you should talk to him?

Yeah, we can do that @paully21, you can send a PM to discuss if you want. We don’t have any solid .NET experience though but the amount of modifications on the .NET site shouldn’t be very large.

Thanks @michaeld and @riking for your suggestions. I have had a PM conversation that I believe is going to get me going on this.

But, @michaeld, I would be interested in some help to do the importing from the old forum (once this user issue is sorted). Obviously, I would pay you for your time.

I’ll PM you if that is okay.

Of course, just drop me a message.