"Authorize application access" message

Whenever I access the mobile app (iOS), it says “Authorize application access, you are not the correct trust level to access the user API”. If I tap on the Discourse logo, everything works just fine. I’m just wondering, what does it mean by user API? And what trust level to I have to be to access it?

Yes, out-of-the-box, new users do not have access to the mobile app, they need to become trust level 1

There is a site setting that controls this restriction, you can bump it down to 0 if needed.


Huh. But I can use the mobile app. In fact, I’m using it right now… Is it because I’m a higher trust level in a different forum on the same device?

Correct, the setting is per-site.


Ok. But does it not apply to the this forum?

What is the name of the setting?

We also get reports that users are logged out of the app over and over. Have you heard of this too?

The setting is min trust level for user api key set that to 0 to allow anyone access to that app.

Regarding logout see:


I wish I could fix it, you can somewhat mitigate, but until Apple properly fixes it there are no 100% reliable workarounds.

Does anyone know how to resolve this: Can’t authorize with the discoursehub app on iOS - Site Feedback - PyTorch Forums ?

I can’t access the PyTorch forum via DiscourseHub or Fig.


What is PyTorch configured min trust level for user api key ?

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I don’t know, I am not an admin of that Discourse instance.

But I think I am an exception of the API accessing, I reached the “basic level” when I post that thread, and other users at the same level seem not to have that problem.

I tried to delete and recreate my account but failed to find a link to delete it (I am using GitHub account to log in) …