Discourse android app no longer works

If I try to add a new Discourse to the app, when I click connect, I get a page that says

Authorize application access

Sorry, you do not have the required trust level to access the user API

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Is this on a particular site or all discourse instances?

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For the site that you’re seeing this on, have you changed the below setting from it’s default value of 0?

You can find this setting on Admin > Settings > User API.


I have written to the admin of both the sites I had problems with, one has changed the setting, and that one now works.

Actually, the other one works now - it takes me to the regular login page (just like it used to).

So I got the admin of the other site to change it back to leader, and it doesn’t work again.

So it seems that one site requires an api key, and the other doesn’t, it just lets you login using the normal screen.

Any idea why that is?