Auto-approval of users doesn't seem to work


I’ve configured a hosted Discourse with the settings:

  • “Must approve users” = true
  • “Auto approve email domains” = “”

Still, new users signing up with mail addresses have to be approved. Have I misunderstood something or is a setting missing somewhere?

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I’ve just had a quick run-through on my test site and it seems to work okay for me:

I signed up and the account was allowed to go straight through after validating their email, whereas signing up one with a gmail address was held in the approval queue until I manually ticked their box.

Could you give me some more details that could maybe help me replicate this issue? As you’re hosted with us I could also make this topic a PM if you’d like more direct support or want to share anything privately?

I just tried to replicate the issue myself, using an e-mail account we normally use for automation, and I can’t recreate it. Let’s hope I’m just mixing things up because I’m multi-tasking and consider this topic solved for now. Yes, we’re on a hosted plan, and direct support might be relevant if the issue reoccurs.

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