Auto close not auto-closing in .01 hours

Hi party people,

Checked out a category on my community that’s supposed to auto-close all topics after .01 hours and saw this:

“This topic will automatically close 3 minutes ago”. I let it sit for ~10 minutes and then closed it myself. A topic from 4 days ago auto-closed just fine, and I haven’t updated or changed settings in that time frame.

Any more sleuthing I can do to dig up helpful logs? Or any ideas why this happened?

This is not really how the auto-close timer is supposed to work. 0.01 hours is 36 seconds, which isn’t necessarily enough time for all the background processing to happen before the scheduled closure (depending what else is happening on your server at the time).

If you wait 15 minutes, the failure should be picked up by the “Periodical Updates” job. (Or you can manually run it by going to /sidekiq/scheduler)


That makes sense-- I would have assumed it had to do with the aggressively low time setting, except this is the first time it’s failed in 4 years. Good to know it would’ve been picked up by periodical updates.

I’ll change the time to something more reasonable. Thank you!


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