Auto Lock Topics After 1 Minute?

(Thrill Raven) #1


So I’ve seen this on a Discourse Forum and I’m wondering how it’s done. In a particular category, topics are closed after a minute, how can you do this as the “Auto lock field” accepts hours only and not minutes?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Oh wait I misread your question. Maybe they set it to zero hours. Not sure.

Why would you want this?

(Thrill Raven) #3

Setting it to zero doesn’t work.

I found this post about how to close the topic immediately and a team member stated it should work but I’m not quite sure how

(Thrill Raven) #4

Bump, any ideas?

@codinghorror using this for a category where users will answer questions, and since I can’t deny permission to create and see but no replying, this is my only option.

(David Taylor) #5

It is a workaround, but you can put a number less than 1 in the “auto close topics” box. I just tried 0.001 and it closed the topic after a few seconds. Putting zero does not work.

(Thrill Raven) #6

Thank you! That did the trick. Much appreciated.

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