Auto-close topic timer in category settings doesn't undo when moving it to another category

Not sure if you consider this a bug. But my #uncategorized category has the auto-close option enabled for any new topics. This category is also the default one. So when someone posts on my forum, but forgets to set the correct category, an auto-close timer is set for the topic. After posting the user notices it isn’t in the right category and then moves it to right one. Since all other categories on my forum don’t have this topic-timer set, I would expect the timer to unset itself. But in the current setup it doesn’t. Thus I as an admin have to manually unset topic-timers on occasion. Would it be possible to unset these topic-timers when moved to a category that doesn’t have such a default setting set for new topics?

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Yeah I would say this straddles the line between feature and bug quite tightly.

For some the current behavior is desirable, for others not.

It is a bit of a can of worms cause “reason” needs to be attached to the timer, and then there are very complex edge cases to think about.

  • Category A has “auto close in 20 hours”
  • Category B has “auto close in 1 hour”
  • Topic created in A
  • 2 hours pass
  • Topic recategorized to B
  • What should happen?
  • Topic recategorized to A
  • What should happen?

I kind of think the current “decision only applies to creation time” is the only easy way to reason about things.