Autoclose doesn't update when you change the topic category


When you create a topic in a catergory with an automatic closure of the topic if you move the topic from category the closure doesn’t updates either to align with the new conditions of the category or to remove it all together.

Steps to reproduce

Have a category with settings for topic automatic closure, move the topic to another category with a different set of settings for the automatic closure.

Expected behavior

The topic updates the settings to match the ones of the new category it has been assigned.

Actual behavior

The topic retains the automatic closure settings from where it was created.


I can reproduce/confirm this ‘bug’?
I’m not sure what the expected behaviour is in this case.
Should the topic match the ‘new’ categories settings or keep it’s ‘behaviour’ when it moves?

I would say that the topic should match the category it’s in, that way is more intuitive and clear. But I would say the final determination comes from the Discourse team.

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