Auto-copy the invite link?

This is a UX improvement request regarding:

At the moment, hitting image results in the link being displayed and selected - but not copied to the clipboard. That is annoying, as clutzy users like me forget to ‘ctrl-c’ or similar, and then end up pasting the invitees email address where the link was intended.

When sharing in Google Docs, it behaves as I suggest - and it is much nicer. Should we copy them in this?

Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 10.30.23


Forcing items into the clipboard without user action is considered a destructive act, as it erases the current clipboard. I don’t think browsers are allowed to do that.

However, expressing intent to see the copyable link could be user consent, depending on the UI…


I think that’s his point — a button labeled “copy link” implies just that, the actual copy action. Versus e.g. “generate link” or “show link”.

But yeah this is getting to be a common pattern now, one click actually copying directly to clipboard to save the ctrl-C. Not essential but if a button says “copy link” that’s now what I’d expect it to do.


Absolutely - the user is expecting it to copy the link to the clipboard, and is annoyed (at least I am) when it doesn’t.


I’ll update the button label to “Generate Invite Link”. That makes more sense here.


I agree that this makes it clearer. However, it doesn’t eliminate the additional step for the user.

Also, why would anyone ever want to generate a link but not copy it?

Time to flex a Discourse feature:

Which would you prefer?

  • Rename the button to ‘Generate Link’ and leave the functionality untouched
  • Keep the button ‘Copy Invite Link’, but make it actually copy the link to the clipboard

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