Auto correct correct capitalisation


the correct capitalisation of phpList is … well, phpList… but we get a lot of PHPList PHPlist phpLIST Phplist PhpList phplist … I think I got them all.

Any way to make discourse auto-correct?


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As far as I know this isn’t possible, but it’s a nice idea for a feature, especially for those of us with weirdly-capitalized project names.

Fringe feature, but should certainly be easily achievable as a plugin. Looking at how the profanity filter works would probably be a good start.

Yes, I was advised by a non discourse user (with experience of forums) that the profanity filter could maybe be tweaked to do this? Would have no idea where to start, though :confused: Is the profanity filter core (ruby) or plugin (php?) - we could mess with php but the coders here won’t play with ruby :wink:

errm, PHP?

I like PHP just fine, but for all my looking through Discourse Core code I’ve yet to see any PHP

Perhaps you meant Ember?

no no, discourse is in ruby on rails (i think) but many discourse plugins are in PHP. My project (phpList) techies will hack PHP (ie plugins) but not ruby ie core.

I don’t think this is a correct statement.


There is wp-discourse

But that is a WordPress plugin not a Discourse plugin.

As I posted earlier, I have yet to see any Discourse plugins written in PHP

I can understand that PHP devs might not want to touch Ruby, but Ruby is the language of Discourse.

Well, that and Ember

If the devs don’t want to get into Ruby they might be able to get somewhere (albeit likely only to limited extent) working with Ember alone.

But AFAIK, preferred language or otherwise, there is no PHP in Discourse

Plus, to accomplish this, you would want a dialect, which would be written in JS.

Ah, ok, I miss understand - I am not a developer after all :slight_smile:

Oh I am sure they would do that though :smile:

Well, I will add it to the list, but would be cool if it was a Discourse feature :slight_smile: