Uppercase Posts bug in other languages

(sin) #1


I am using Discourse for couple weeks now, i noticed a bug when using different language (Arabic).

When doing a Post in arabic with English uppercase Keywords (as expected in other languages only keywords are mentioned in latin and are mostly uppercase) so discourse actually ignores the entire post content, and doesn’t allow making that post even if it has a single uppercase keyword.

I deactivated that by setting “allow uppercase posts” but that would make my website prone to spam mostly! Is this a desired behavior or is it a bug?

btw i am using the latest discourse within docker.


When do we get "is_invalid" error message?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Safe to disable, if you are rarely posting in English. It is mostly TO PREVENT ANNOYING BEHAVIORS LIKE THIS.

(sin) #3

Alright, awesome, thanks for your feedback.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Perhaps the Arabic translation should note that it safe to disable. I’d do it, but I need to finish learning Ruby before taking on Arabic.