Disable capitilization of first Letter in Post title

Hey there,
I have a Forum for a project/brand and the official capitilization of the Project’s Name starts with a lowercase letter and many of our Posts start with the Project’s Name, however Discourse automatically makes that an Uppercase Letter. How can I disable that?

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title prettify in the admin settings, though it do other things that capitalizing the first letter.


Repeating the same name or word at the beginning of every title seems very redundant, if the instance is for that project surely it’s a given? If it’s for identificafion this sounds like a perfect use case for tags.


It’s not in every Title, but for example we have: project Community Forums: Hello World and our Release Notes are named project Release 1.0.1 and so on. Most other Posts have other Titles.
And in general I’d like to just keep the title exactly how it was entered.
And with having Small Categories for other Languages, that can turn out as very many posts

That is what tags are for. Enable tags.