Suggestion to automatically invite people to a private message when you @mention them

We use Discourse at Nextcloud a bunch – so first thanks a lot for that great open source software. :slight_smile:

A colleague just said that I should look at a specific thread that they @mentioned me in. I let him know I didn’t get a notification and only after some time we found out the reason was that it was a private message.

Hence it would be cool when a person who @mentions someone in a private message who is not part of that conversation gets prompted if they want to invite that person. Of course not automatically invite them, but a nudge would be a good UX improvement.


Red pop-over on the composer?

"You’ve mentioned @user, but they aren’t currently a part of this conversation. Would you like to invite them instead?


Also refer to this feature request:


An overall improved visual indicator as linked to above nicely covers this use case as well as others, so let’s take any further discussion over there.

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