URL showing besides the category

Hi guys, I just noticed something interesting today, I’ve never seen this before and I am not sure how it got there.

There’s a post that has an url besided the category, like this :

Notice the url to the right of the category. I mean…it’s either I haven’t noticed this before or this is the only time it appeared, i do have 30k posts on the forum and read them all so it’s strange I’ve never seen this before

If I edit the title/ category it’s not there, If I edit the post itself the url is not there…so where did it come from and how can I remove it?:smiley:


wow :slight_smile: after 6 months of using it daily and I still discover new stuff, thanks for the help

I’ve disabled that option as I wouldn’t like people to start spamming like that poster did, I guess he knew how this worked and just took advantage of it.

It seems a little strange though that I could not edit that link out as an admin, but disabling it entirely should fix it :slight_smile:

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