Auto-reply only triggering once

I have enabled email submissions and replies on our installation. Everything works beautiful minus one thing.

We only allow submissions from registered users, the bounceback to unregistered users works perfectly the first time.

However say the user forgets they did not register after the first auto-reply and they send another email, they do not seem to be getting the auto-reply on the second time. Is this by design? Is there any way that I can easily allow the emails to be sent on subsequent attempts?


Jane submits a request via however Jane is not registered
   Jane receives an auto-reply advising her she must register first
    Jane forgets to sign up and tries again a day later
      ?? This should auto reply as well ??

Has a staged user been created for the first round?

I vaguely remember a bug like this which was fixed. Are you on latest?



Ah I think that did it.

Thank you


So that partially resolved the issue however it still does not appear that the subsequent messages are going through.

I now see the rejecting under /admin/email/rejected and it does show the rejection email in the small dialog however
no email is seen under /admin/email/sent adnd no email is ever received.

Any idea?

You on latest version?

Is there a staged user? If so, delete it and try again. If the email does go thru then that’s the issue.

Does your site require approvals for new users? If so, there used to be a bug preventing emails to unapproved staged users, also fixed.

Bottom line, latest version first.


Yes I am on the latest version: v1.9.0.beta14 +94

The user was initially staged so I removed and retested again, no staged user was created this time it appears and the email went out on the first try however I sent a secondary email and it did not go out.

You do see the verbage where it is being rejected and it does say that it sent an email however no email is going out.

That’s why. The first time the email went out, and the user was stage. The second time it didn’t go out.

Then you removed the user. Then the next time it went out, and the user was staged once again. Then the next time it didn’t go out. It is the same pattern.

Check your user. It is probably staged again.

Therefore your question is: Should the reminder emails be sent to staged users?


Does this still hold true if I have disabled staged users via the Enable Staged User site setting?

Not sure. You can try. However, I’m not sure if enable staged user is turned off it will still accept emails in.

Remember: You still need to manually delete all your staged users even after turning off the setting.

I did try to delete the user manually however no users were found for the email so I could not delete anything further.
I have got to be missing something.

Just clean everything, setup a temp email address on Gmail or something and then test it yourself. Turn off staged users first.


Same results :expressionless:

No staged user is created this can be confirmed.
The first email goes out but any repeat ones do not. It shows as received and rejected but no sent goes out.

At this point I have to imagine this is by design?

It shouldn’t… If no staged user is created, the system doesn’t know that this user has sent an email before. So this behavior is very strange.

I can confirm this is in fact happening. No subsequent emails are sent.

I even confirm by checking if anything for that email exists just to be certain and I get Nil everytime.

Did the email the user sent in (first time) appear as a post inside a topic? If so, which user is it attached to?

It does not show in any way. The only reference that the email was received is:

Under /admin/email/rejected

But this show only one email. Where is the second one for your test?

Sorry here you are, it was below it however I just sent another one to have a fresh one.

Try waiting some time before sending the second email. Say 15 min. Or half an hour.

You may be hitting the in-built throttling limit for the same email address. I vaguely remember there is some similar email protection in Discourse, but can’t quite remember.

Got it. I’ll give it an hour or two and I’ll report back.