Auto reset topic bump date when deleting last post

I think if you remove the last post in a topic it would make sense to reset bump date. Otherwise, you’re left with a topic in ‘latest’ that, to any non-staff member, has no recent activity and may confuse people and be seen as something that is out of place.


I disagree, the topic was bumped, whether the post was deleted or not does not change that it was bumped.

And staff can override this using the topic wrench to reset the bump date if they really want that behavior anyways.

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Hmmm. I just came here trying to figure out why this didn’t happen. Seems this has been requested before, multiple times.

I’m just going to state my opinion that for the vast majority of use-cases and users’ expectations and understandings, this is a poor default. If the bump cause has been deleted, it is entirely reasonable to assume that the post will not be treated as bumped. As an admin, I expect this behavior. As a user, my assumption upon seeing content show up in latest, where the most recent activity is from months ago, is that there is a bug in the app. Not the end of the world, but shakes my confidence in the app’s ability to display the data I’m requesting. I already know it inserts things that aren’t supposed to be there, so it’s quite possibly also hiding things that it shouldn’t.

I’d be really interested to know if somebody can come up with another reasonable assumption the average user might make when seeing a topic at the top of “Latest” without any recent activity, other than “it’s a bug.”

I also have a related question. What happens if I whisper on a topic? Does it get bumped?


Your dissatisfaction has been duly noted, but this won’t be changing.

Got it. Just curious, is this decision because you disagree, or because of the work/reward ratio, or something else? Ie, if I submitted a pull request to auto-reset bump date upon deletion of a post, would it be rejected?

Also, I did a search and couldn’t find the answer to whether or not a whisper will cause a topic to show up in Latest, so I did a quick test. The answer is, no. Apparently a whisper doesn’t change the bump date for anybody, even those who can see it.

Yes, it would be rejected.

What about if it was just a site option?

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Your best chance here is building a plugin for this behavior change. I think Jeff feels so strongly here about the default that he does not want the default to be an option.

Over time we evolve our thinking and sometimes years later change our minds.

But… if you want the behavior change today I recommend you build a plugin.


Got it. Thank you both for the clarity.