Reset bump date stopped working

Seems random but I can’t figure out why the “Reset bump date” is not working

I tested it last week and it worked fine, today it does nothing

I’m on the latest build… Are there logs somewhere that could possibly help diagnose?

I added a reply to this post, it went to the top, I then clicked the reset bump but it did nothing

Any insight would be appreciated

Since your new post is the last visible post reset bump date does not work. It would work if you edit your post, which bumps the topic. Then it resets to the time the post was created. You could also delete ot, then you csn reset the date to match the first post.
Maybe the topic I quoted from is a help for you.


Thank you @Moin and the Toggle topic bump in the link you posted is exactly what I need. Discourse never ceases to surprise me


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