Auto tagging unanswered topics

Would it be possible to implement a feature to auto-tag all topics in certain categories with “unsolved” if the topic got no reply, but is still open after e.g. 4 days?

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What problem are you trying to solve?

You’d need a plugin to do that. But, ou can do a search for 4 day old unsolved topics.

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That would be a good starting point, but I don’t think it accomplishes the goal the person is looking for. They would still have to create a schedule in Sideqik and then query for topics without any reply in the last 4 days to auto-tag.

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Right now I have a bookmark for a search for unanswered topics (url/search?expanded=true&q=status%3Anoreplies order%3Alatest_topic), which includes:

  • topics from all (or just one category)
  • topics closed after the first post (as we do it with wikis so the #wiki view shows these articles ordered by how up-to-date the article is instead of how recently there was a reply).

So now every now and then I go though that list and manually tag the relevant topics as #unsolved.
The tag-view is presentable and can be linked prominently so forum-users help trying to solve the issues in these topics, but the search-view is not very presentable. I think it would help if marking a topic as “unsolved” wouldn’t depend on someone doing it manually.

@Falco that plugin looks like a good start, but it wouldn’t really be right for our forum. It’s a community forum, with admins that usually don’t participate in discussions and only a few community moderators. Marking all topics without staff replies as “unsolved” would target more solved topics than unsolved ones.

My suggestion was that you put a link to that search on your forum. Then people could just click it to see the stuff you want them to see, rather than clicking on a link to find the same topics that happen to be tagged. If what you want is for people to be able to click to see those topics, the problem is solved with just that link, right?

I’m no expert at plugins, but it looks like the linked plugin comes close enough to what you want that it shouldn’t be too hard to get to do what you want. You could post in #marketplace if you have a budget.

No, because I’d have to link to multiple different searches plus link to the tag anyway.
AFAIK you can’t make a search return results from a selection of multiple categories, so it would either be one search including all categories (many of which are not releavant - because e.g. community discussions can’t be solved) or one search for every relevant category.
The searches would include topics that are not relevant (see wikis above) and it wouldn’t include unsolved topics that have replies.
Also the search view is just ugly and unpractical.

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It should easy enough to add a top nav link to eg.

Getting it to be only a specific time frame or a drop down select of categories would be trickier, but I think it would be doable.


Well that’s not exactly what I was looking for (at all), but at least that is much better for me to use as my bookmark for unanswered posts to manually select for the unsolved tag. So thanks for showing me this.

I think this will make my work a lot easier so while it’s not a real solution, it’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:

PS: Is there any way to limit this to open threads? That would be perfect. I tried: but that doesn’t load.

Nvmd, got it: Fairphone Community Forum

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