Automated "curation" of category using Like count

I have a category called “wanted/offered” in my community forum. It attracts a mixed bag of topics, some that add value to the site, and others (like people selling grubby old coats) that irritate vistors.

I’d like to curate this category so that only the best topics within it are shown on the homepage. It would be great if Discourse could do this work for me.

Ideally I want just the most “liked” topics in this category to be presented to visitors on their homepage.

I’d like to configure the category with a “maximum representation on homepage” factor, say 10% - such that a maximum of 10% of topics visible on the homepage will come from the category - and the site uses the like count to select which stories make it to the homepage.


We’ve definitely considered things like this in the past – we used to have a “hotness” setting for each category to accommodate how much of that category you wanted to show people by default – but we’ve never gotten around to it.

Right now we don’t have any curated homepages, even the categories page shows exactly what’s in the category. The closest equivalent is the /top page – which we do send new and long-absent users to.