Automatic (and bad) PM conversation titles

I have disabled automatic chat thread titles for AI bots and set the time to 0 minutes, however the PM conversation title is still being automatically set about 30 seconds after conversation’s creation. I tried also turning it on and setting a high value such as 30 minutes, but nothing has changed. Because it is done so quickly, the titles are quite bad and obviously unrelated to the content. I would be thankful for any pointers!

P.S. I am starting these conversations by using the AI bot icon in the header.

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Oh those settings are completely unrelated to AI Bot PMs, as they only apply to Discourse Chat Threads.

At the moment there is no way to customize how automatic PM titles work. How would you like it to work?

Alright that makes sense now :sweat_smile:. Sorry for that. I think it’d be cool if it worked the exact same way as the chat threads then. An option to disable it and option to set a timer for it. :smiling_face:

Well, using right language would be nice start :smirk: Content of headers are quite right, though.