Automatic badge expiration

I’d like to provide benefits to my Discourse users that keep engaged periodically. For example, I want to provide benefits only for users who at least invite 1 new user per month.

I could setup this by saying that all users that own a “Promoter” badge will get such benefits. However, the “Promoter” badge requires users to invite only one visitor and then the user keeps that badge forever.

Is there a way to setup an automatic badge expiration so after a month the “Promoter” (or any other) badge is removed from the user, requiring him to earn it again?

Or is there a better approach for what I’m trying to do (require monthly engagements from users)?

Thanks in advance.


Definitely an interesting idea.

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@codinghorror, I understand then that there is no such feature yet? :slight_smile:
Is there any workaround that can be used to implement this, even if manually? The main problem I see now is that I can’t see even information about when a badge was granted to a user. Is this available somewhere, even if it via API?

I guess you could use Discourse Data Explorer Plugin to replicate SQL queries and add time constraints to create new “expiring” badges. I did not check in the #plugin:data-explorer category or (Superseded) What cool data explorer queries have you come up with? collection if there are such queries already. It would definitely be appreciated to share what you come up with in this topic!


Under the 3 lines next to your Avatar, click Badges. Each badge has a number… for how many users have it. Click on the number it shows. Then, each user with the badge will be listed with the date they earned the badge.

But why would anyone want expiring badges? Users will get ticked, IMO.

This is actually a common ask within the community space. Badges that are tied to more recent/current actions of the users vs. the historical granting of badges you get to keep forever regardless of whether or not you are still active in the community. Especially for communities that have been up for years. Facebook does this with the “Top Fan” badge which is not static and can go away if you fade away from participating on the page.


If I simply manually delete a badge from an user, will he/she gain that badge again if he perform the needed actions?

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For this, I think the advice would still be to create new badges that had a time element built into the underlying SQL query.

If anyone wants help with a query, you can start a topic in data & reporting. :+1:

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