Ask discobot when you will get badges?

Can you make discobot smarter about badges? For example, I should be able to ask when will I receive my enthusiast, aficionado, and devottee badges and get a date back. Discourse doesn’t show the exact day a badge is earned, it only asked the month and year. Also the appreciated badge could use some clarification. I think it should say This badge is granted when you receive at last one like EACH on 20 different posts.


Welcome, and thanks for the suggestions!

This is interesting, though I think we’d want to support this on the badge page itself before building it in to Discobot? i.e., when I look at the badge tell me how close I am to achieving it. This has been requested a few times in the past, and adds to the “gamification” element that badges bring.

Can you describe the problem this is clarifying? Did someone think this meant you only needed one like across 20 different posts? The current text seems clear to me.


I get what you mean about the badge dates (no full date) but I think that discobot is a good as it is (for now) also, I like this idea :bulb:


Either way is fine with me. Maybe only show a count down if you are over half way to earning enthusiast, aficionado, and devottee. I personally only go after badges that I think are worth something. The helpdesk and tech support badges are good badges. Visting everyday for a year takes effort. I think out of love and higher love are worthless badges. To each their own.

You described the problem perfectly. I thought that was exactly what it meant. I only needed 1 like in 20 different posts.

This sounds like an awesome idea! I hope Discobot gets more function in the vanilla version of Discourse

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Over the years the idea of badge progress has come up, very very tricky to implement but I agree it is interesting.

Also tangentially, I often get blamed praised for awesome puns, but sadly I can not take credit for this awesome one:

I recommend you read :arrow_double_up: to get more context around the badge feature we built.


I do think it would be helpful if we were able to see how close we were to Regular. Currently the only way to know for sure is to go to the user’s tab, set it to “Quarter” and over shoot your estimates on how close you were to getting all that stuff (likes, topic views, posts, etc). Don’t know if that made any sense?


Yeahh I’m agree with you opinion. Good sharing :+1:

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Or ask a staff member to check it for you.


Yeah sorry I meant for just any normal user, I believe my method is the closest you can get without asking staff.

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