Automatic cool down period after receiving multiple flags on multiple posts

I’d like the automatic moderation to work a little more effectively.

If a user receives multiple flags from multiple posts, we could automatically inflict a cool down period of some sort. Now the only automatic action is to lock the topic, which stops the conversation from everyone and doesn’t stop the same user posting (the same stuff) on other topics.

The cool down period could be a temporary suspension for x minutes or put their posts to the approval que until a moderator resolves the flags.


This is technically why we created the “Blocked” state for users, but it is under-utilized. It’s intended for spammers, the only trigger for it at the moment is repeatedly posting the same link as I recall. I would not mind expanding it so it is used a bit more often.

Can you define the exact criteria you would like to see before a user becomes automatically blocked from posting further?


Ok, here goes. I see three options for the criteria:

  1. a total number of unresolved flags for more than one post
  2. a number of posts with unresolved flags on them
  3. a number of posts automatically hidden with unresolved flags

Option 3 seems to me the most straightforward. It’s easy to understand and leverages other rules we might have for hiding posts. So, here’s my recommendation:

Block a user from posting further if he/she has two (2) posts automatically hidden until a moderator resolves at least one of the associated flags.

I’d like to hear some feedback from other forum owners.