Flag Email Notifications

Is it possible that I could set up notifications for flagged posts?
So every time someone flags a post you can receive an email so you can respond quicker.

There is a setting called “notify about flags after”:

You could set this to 1 hour.


Is that in preferences? I don’t see it.

In “Settings” under “Other” - but you can use Settings Filter/Search to find it.

No, you have screen shot “User Preferences”.

The setting you want is a Site Setting - you will need to be an Administrator to change it.

Find it under /admin/site_settings/category/uncategorized


Oh I see now, thanks:)

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Is there anyway I can immediately receive notifications? Not just after an hour.

Not that I know of, perhaps someone else will know.

But do keep in mind that the default settings will mean that:

  • if 3 users flag a post it will be hidden.
  • if 3 different users flag a new user, that new user will be blocked from posting
  • if 5 users flag to close a topic - it will be.

I doubt it will work and it might break - but you could try a number like 0.5 as the value for 30 minutes.


@Carson1 did you ever ask Philippe to make this change?

No I have not asked Philippe

Note that this is a total of 12 flags on a topic from at least 5 users - so multiple posts need to be extremely bad for this to trigger. (And trigger it does…)

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