Automatic education and warning messages don't show up in mobile?

I wasn’t sure what sorts of keywords to search for and what I already tried produced no results, so apologies if this has already been asked and answered: do the various notices and warnings (e.g. Your topic is similar to, Revive old topic?, This link has already been posted, etc) not show up on mobile devices?

I noticed a user continually reviving dead threads despite our Revive this topic? notice configured for threads older than 30 days. I wondered if they might be using on Discourse on a mobile device, so I tried replying to an old topic as a test and sure enough, no warning/notice pop-up (this was an Android phone). So if the Revive this topic? warning doesn’t work on mobile devices, does that mean all the other notices/warnings also fail to appear when warranted? Or do I need to change something in admin settings?