Automatic group membership and alternate emails

If a user has both a primary and alternate email addresses, will automatic group membership check both these email addresses or only the primary email address?

I know I could experiment but this forum is so useful and it would be good to get a definitive answer. Thanks again.

I’d say that it would be a bug if it didn’t behave that way. So your question is sort of like “It would be possible for there to be a bug here. Is there?”

It looks like it should behave as expected. I think that join will look at all of the user’s emails. I don’t see a spec that specifically tests it, though.

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Thanks. I don’t know enough about alternate emails yet to know what to expect. But yes it’s good to hear that all emails are checked.

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Multiple emails have been supported for quite a while now, so it’s a pretty safe bet that they work like you’d think they should.

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