Automatic Member Introductions ( for Discourse)

Does anyone know of a plugin that accomplishes something along the lines of what Donut does in Slack?

If not, that could be something super interesting to try & build to drive more 1-on-1 engagement in communities…

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A pairing plugin is definitely something that’s come up within the team before, but I don’t believe we’ve done much more than outline some specs for it.

It would basically take two users from a group, and on some trigger (manually, recurring time, etc) it would add them both to a custom PM.

Does that cover what you’d be looking for? Are there any specific features from Donut you’d like to see?


Isn’t that what Mingle - An Introductions Plugin does?


Hi Tobias, awesome – I wasn’t aware of this. Looking into it now!

Hey Kris – yes, this is exactly what I had in mind. The main thing I was looking for is the pairings on a weekly basis with two members that haven’t met before.

Note: An added feature/caveat would be that it pauses when all members have met until new members join and doesn’t re-introduce the same people multiple times but I believe that is implied…

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Ah, it’s such a shame. Looks like Mingle is no longer being maintained – something like this in core would be excellent to drive engagement…

Is the plugin broken? If it is we should move it to #plugin:broken-plugin.

Not sure. I tried installing it and it threw a 502 Bad Gateway error. I described the issue in more detail here:

And then I noticed other people running into issues with it:

Just checking in – is there any update on whether Mingle has been discontinued & if there is enough demand to build something like this into core/an official plugin maintained by Discourse?