Automatic watermark for photo uploads

Hi dear friends!

I want all uploads by members watermarked. How can I do it? I guess it was something usual for long time. Because I don’t want any one to grab photos from my website and use as theirs. Could you tell me how? Thanks.

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Why don’t you watermark the images and uploads manually? I do that when I need to. :slight_smile:

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Discourse is a community script. What do you mean manually one by one?

Would the photos have a different watermark for each user? That’s been discussed before and it would be very expensive.

A general watermark for the website would be easier, but there’s no plugin that exists at the moment to do it.

At the moment there is a setting called prevent anons from downloading files that will prevent some image access, but a technically savvy user can circumvent it.


Thank you for your reply. I saw it. I only need general static watermark for photos. I hope soon we can have it.

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