Watermark on all upload images

Dear all Discourse Developers,

I want to thanks all Discourse developers for their excellent work on making the best forum in the world. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Personally, I have used other programs, such as Discuz and Buddyboss (Wordpress) to build serval forums in past 10 years, none of them are as great as Discourse.

The only feature I missed in Discourse is the watermark feature. It will be perfect if Discourse support Watermark on all upload images. It doesn’t need to be extremely complicated, like some other user suggested in this forum. (I understand why developer ignore their request, because it is totally impractical.)

IMHO, A very simple watermark capability will be good enough. Add a icon/text on every uploaded images, just let others know the image is originated from my forum when someone share (or steal) your images to other website/platform.

Personally, I always add watermark by myself before upload to the forum, however many community members don’t want to do it by themselves, especially when they post image using smartphone, they hope to be automatically add by the forum.

I understand that Discourse original designed for more a text base forum, rather than forum with lots images, such as Photography forum. But thanks to many excellent Plugin / TC available, I can make a photo orientated forum with Discourse nicely.

I recommend add a watermark image upload box in

And add a selection button in

And a pull down menu for watermark position, similar to,

Then, It will be good enough. No need other fancy features.
Other feature, like scaling, opacity, backup original image, etc. They are great but not necessary.

Lastly, I want to thanks all Discourse Developers for their continuous hardworking.
Thank you and Happy New year ~!:kissing_heart:


Thanks Jacky, Sounds like an interesting plugin for someone to experiment with. I do not think though that we will make this a core feature, but core can certainly help facilitate the plugin.

If you have budget I recommend posting in #marketplace, my guess is that a minimal prototype plugin (with minimal configuration - only supply text) would take about 1 to 2 days to build.

Watermark by superimposing images may take a bit longer to get right.