Automatically add all users to a group?

I am pretty sure its not possible to add all new registrants to a particular group… but if there is, I would really like that.

Or, maybe there is a way to automatically add a certain trust-level to a group?

What I need to do is restrict all new registrants to a single board, hiding all others. When the registrant answers a particular question adequately, they can be placed manually in a second group.

Any thoughts?


For the automatic trust levels to a group, you can sidestep this entirely by configuring the access to said categories via trust levels.

Have your open to all category available to everyone, then place the rest behind TL1/2/whatever?

What kind of question is it they need to answer? is it something you could automate with the Custom Wizard Plugin?

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Yes, this is the trick. The question / answer cannot be automated, and the registrant must remain in the initial group until the question is answered sufficiently.

One thing I have considered is making the trust-level-2 associate with the additional boards (topics). This way I can use the “received # of likes” as a way of “affirming a correct answer”. This is not ideal, however… it leaves loose ends since anyone can like a person’s answer post, even if the answer is insufficient.

Another thought is to use the API. I use WP as an SSO provider, so I could write an extension that would place a new registrant in the initial group:

If there are no other obvious options, I will go this way.