How can I add users to an automatic groups?

I can create groups in the trial company Discourse we have. I also see a number of automatic groups that came with the trial. How do I add members to the automatic groups?

When I create a group, I can add users manually one at a time:

I can also add users automatically by their email domain:

However, some groups came automatically created with our company’s trial forum. I seem completely unable to edit the membership of these groups.

I cannot add users individually:

I also cannot add users automatically via email domain. I can’t even allow access to the group since there’s no Membership menu under Manage:

I can’t even delete automatic groups. They seem completely useless. Is there a way to add users to them? Or is this just something that happens with trial Discourse accounts? Thanks in advance!

Automatic groups are different than when people are auto added based on email.

The Automatic groups are

  • trust_level_0
  • trust_level_1
  • trust_level_2
  • trust_level_3
  • trust_level_4
  • staff
  • moderators
  • admins

Those you cant add users too directly. Instead you need to give them that specific trust level, moderator or admin. The staff group is admin or moderator. See this post for more info on that.


Thank you very much! I’ve been searching and searching, trying to figure this out.

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