Automatically bumping old topics on a category

I am not against that as an idea. It can be very powerful. Can you post a discrete #feature req for this, ideally with a quick mockup (also semantics are a bit difficult “bump every N days from last post”) and the bump counts as a post.


“Non-solved” was a condition added later on, but you have to read the thread to know this. Could you update the description, please?

Also, have you considered the possibility of adding the condition “non-assigned”, in reference to the Assigned functionality?

In our forum we assign certain topics, and bumping them often puts the persons assigned to these topics in uncomfortable positions because there isn’t much to update. The topics are simply in their backlog waiting to be addressed.


Yes, I think this “auto-bump-lite” feature would be useful for forums where closing/archiving/solving/deleting is not an option but where you want to make sure that every topic gets a reply.


I’ve taken discobot and tried to give a bit more character to him

changed profile/responses etc for the sake of fun

could these auto bump message alerts


be changed, made in the form of reply post from discobot or a given forums version?

perhaps the new user welcome as well, since AI is on the way, (or here) perhaps this fits?

Feel free to change the avatar of your @system user.

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I had done that thank you,

I was picturing more of an AI feel with an actual reply post, its already similar given the base interaction,

perhaps an integration is possible?

I believe it would be entertaining

btw, any danger in changing the sytems username?

If you are making any API requests to your site with the All Users API Key, you will need to update the API Username that you use in those requests to the new system user’s username. If you are not making API requests with the All Users API Key, then there is no danger in changing the system user’s username.


Is there a way to disable the bump notification history at the bottom of the topic?


Would it be possible please to have periodic auto-bumps. for example “Every 6, 12 hours, 24 hours, weekly (until stopped)” etc?

The forum I moderate has had great success manually auto-bumping a topic with our forum-specific rules every day or so, and when that’s maintained it seems to increase awareness of some very specific requirements we have - but needing a mod to set the auto-bump manually isn’t ideal.

I believe seeing an important topic as an active topic, bumping about at the top of Latest, seems to draw things to people’s attention better than both automated signup PMs and dusty pinned topics (got to confess I joined another forum myself last week, and didn’t even read their pinned stuff).

I’ll add an edit: the first time we used this was to cover the 2018 mid-terms, we had just recently brought in a forum rule about political posts and wanted to make sure people knew in advance that it had changed, and auto-bumped the information as well as manually bumping it by making the last post on the topic myself, then editing it to bump that, without adding posts.

It worked brilliantly and led to knowledge of the change reaching saturation point very quickly so we had absolutely no problems, and no flagged posts etc. So I’d just like to be able to automate the periodic aspect, instead of having to remember to set it, or making the last post myself, then using periodic edits to get a bump. :slight_smile:


Would this help?



So it’s per category, not per topic, but you could either create its own category or lock all the other topics in the category. Seems like a pretty close solution to me.


If i set a bump number on a parent category, will the topic in its sub category also be bumped?

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No, just that category.

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We are specifically looking to bump recurring weekly events automatically within our “General” category. Any ideas on how to do this with a topic appreciated!

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If they are specific topics, you want to use :spiral_calendar: Discourse Event for that.


We do exactly this, but the event is still buried within other posts despite being recurring. We need it to auto-notify / pin / spam the forum / spam the calendar for every upcoming week in the future. Right now people just make new posts about the recurring weekly events, because it just doesn’t make enough sense to dig into an “old” topic that no one can find once it completes. And, these are super tech competent people in addition to noobs.

So, not sure what to do. Once an event finishes the first time it is not as useful to keep it recurring, in comparison to making a new thread for the same event with a new title date… but it just takes so much manual intervention to update for mods/admins… so we are stuck in how to promote our weekly, recurring events.

It is a wicked cycle. Most common questions I see:
“Where is the weekly event info again?”
“Are weekly events still happening?”
“How come I never know weekly events are happening?”
“Why does the forum calendar look like this? I’ll use meetup.”

We just need users to see both past and all future recurring events. This makes no sense to students or teachers:

When meetup opens up the first thing I see is links to past and upcoming events.


What I’m trying to say is we have not been able to migrate from meetup to the forum for events. It isn’t a smooth transition and so now users are frustrated about why we would want to make them use this when it hasn’t worked for us. It is a bummer and I love the software, which we will certainly continue to use without relying on it for events and calendars yet. (thanks for reading and I love Discourse). Just sharing our experience, perhaps this is the wrong thread. Cheers.


Sounds like a feature request for events topics to auto bump x hours before the recurrence.


Rendering future recurrent events on the calendar is also a critical feature that’s part of the request.


So the feature request is for the event topic (assuming the event is in the first post) to auto-bump itself… when? A day before? The day of? That makes sense to me.

The event itself has a reminder section if you edit the event… is there some reason the reminders aren’t working?

Here is our current event layout.

and here is the actual event topic.

Our users are spread across many services due to the “network effect”, so we are x-posting from our General channel to Slack. We also have this event pinned globally, but seems that was from back in 11/2020