Automatically create daily discussions

Is there a way to automatically create daily discussions? Like Reddit. For example on the sportsbook subreddit(, with the sbpotdbot(

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Not that I’m aware of, but you could write code that creates new topics every day via the API. If you do, I suggest you might also want to set auto-close after {x} days without a post on them.

We also have an “icebreakers” plugin that posts random getting-to-know-you discussion topics periodically, but I’m not sure if it is public, and that’s not quite the same thing as a daily discussion.

I think the idea of automated daily discussion topics makes less sense in discussion software like Discourse, where topics are bumped to the top with each reply, versus Reddit where everything falls off the main page in a day or two.


Thanks a lot for the answer. Yes, maybe it doesn’t make much sense, but I should create a community where users can talk about different topics (therefore different categories) about facts that happen daily. For example, daily bets. Maybe a Soccer category, a Tennis category, a Basketball category, and so on. But having a single main discussion, I don’t think it’s the best choice because it would be very long and I would have to delete it every bit and make a new one for each category. Instead it would be better to have a daily main discussion always at the top(pinned), in each category. Maybe then this would be closed automatically when the new one is created the next day, and not to create confusion even archived (is it possible?). In a nutshell in each category there would always be the “daily discussion” pinned at the top and then other separate discussions below which of course can be created.

Is this a bad idea? Do you have better ideas for such a community? Thanks in advance, really!

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I think you’re taking about It could be useful in seeing the techniques for a plugin to create a daily post.