Automatically create multi-site setup


Exploring Discourse for the first time.

I was thinking that Discourse could be really interesting to integrate in an online product I’m building. This product will give some tools for people selling online courses so they could manage their community, share files, engage with students, etc…

I was wondering if Discourse could be configured in such a way that every customer of this product I’m building could have its own Discourse server/topics/users.

What options would I have to achieve this? Would I need different installation for every customer? Can a single install of discourse manage different segregated forums (with different users, topics, etc?)


There is a multisite configuration. You’d need to create a new database and add some lines to a config file for each site, as well as work out a front end reverse proxy to handle https.

If you have a significant budget, I can help. You can contact


How much is considered a significant budget? Can you be more specific as to the cost to set up a discourse multi-site ?

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Contact me at the email address above or Enterprise Discourse Management — Literate Computing, LLC and let me know more about what your needs are.