Automatically fill category with topics? "Best of" category?


We would like to have a category on our Discoure instance that is filled with the best answered topics.

Is it possible to flag a topic and have it appear in that category? Perhaps using tags? Can a topic have multiple categories?

Ideally, we would have our content team read topics and then on the press of a button the topic would get displayed on a “best answers” page/category.

We searched for documentation but found nothing.


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you would be best using tags for this of which then you can utilise the tags page such as #faq-material


Thank you, this is a great way to do it.

However, is there a way to put that tag page in the category list?

We have a “help & support” category and would like to have the users visit the FAQ before visiting it. Having a pinned post somewhere with a link to the tag page is asking a lot for the users.

A bit like this:

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You could potentially use this:

However this would add it to all categories I believe