Automatically joined chat channels

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A repeat request we have had from @Alon1 / @jimkleiber and @Kim_Hanchet is some sort of facility for “auto join” channels.

The idea is that you want users not to start from a blank state in chat.

I can think of a few ways of doing this

  • A flag on a channel saying “auto joined” meaning anyone with access is automatically joined. (set by admins / moderators)

    • When ticked you mass join people to the channel
    • When unticked … auto joined people are removed (meaning we need a auto join flag per user or something)
  • A site setting listing the channels that are automatically joined

    • Same problem as above - need to deal with changed states and history.

Curious what the precedent is in other chat platforms.

@joffreyjaffeux any thoughts here?


Thinking out loud, but one concept I would find interesting is to link this to groups.

On each chat channel you would have an auto_joined_by_groups option and essentially when a user is created or joining a group we look for associated channels.

I like that it allows to create a custom start experience based on group and also that it will automatically hint to interesting channels when you join a new group.

AFAIK, other platforms tend to just make you join everything you can interact with.


Yeah in most your always auto joined and then you leave if you don’t want to be part of it. interesting idea to link to specific groups, but I wonder should it be another chat option?

Create chat channel options wold be:


For sure the feedback we have had so far is that it’s weird to have to go and find chat channels to join them. Chat is instant and let’s go.


I agree.
No need to maintain history to “un-join” everyone.
Anyone who wishes to do so, could either mute or just leave a channel.
However, I would of course make auto-join an administrator thing and not allow every user to spam channels on everyone else.

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For sure a setting to allow channels to be only created only by certain groups and with who can setup auto join as another setting

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