Automatically post YouTube videos from a certain channel?

Is there a plug-in that pulls uploaded videos from YouTube from a certain channel and post it on the form like a automated message


There isn’t, but it might be possible to do something like that with Zapier? This topic has some details about using Zapier with the Discourse API: How to make requests to the Discourse API with Zapier


You can do that, you can use an RSS feed with the RSS plugin. Then, you must put your in this format

For example, if your channel was, you would take the UCnCikd0s4i9KoDtaHPlK-JA and put it in the “your channel” part of the link above. After that, follow the instructions linked above and the RSS with start.


I didn’t know that was possible! There have been a few questions about it on Meta: Configure the Discourse RSS Polling Plugin - #20 by simon.


I tried it it doesn’t work it doesn’t pull posts from it

That’s odd. If it does not work for you, you can use a generator. It won’t pull as often, and you may have to pay for it but it seems reliable. Your URL will generate from YouTube like this:, but must be entered like this: nootice the no /c/

The link is below.

i’d like to auto post YouTube links from a YouTube channel’s videos to a private category where only the user who verified his YouTube account can post new topics to. anything like this?

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you want YouTube links to be published on discourse in a private category when a video is posted. That would be the same system as it links to a category itself, pretty much the same thing. Install the RSS plug-in that was linked above, then use that YouTube RSS generator and plug and apply it in. Follow the other instructions on the RSS plug-in topic to continue to set up in specify the category you want it in.


it does not work even using YouTube to RSS - FetchRSS

Are you waiting the fill 24 hours. I think that system pulls videos after 24 hrs

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yeah and it did not work

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Maybe try some YouTube tutorials online to get the RSS feed and just see what worlds I guess.

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