Automatically Reflect Timestamp of Old WordPress Posts

Is there a way to have Discourse posts automatically use the timestamp of the original WordPress post?

I’m publishing all the old WordPress posts from a blog to a Discourse and changing the timestamp manually after each post. Is there another way?

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This could be added as an option to the plugin’s Publishing settings. One thing to note is that setting the created_at parameter for a Discourse topic to a time in the past affects the topic’s position on the Discourse topic lists. A newly published topic with it’s created_at value set to two months ago will not appear at the top of the latest topics list. I’m not sure that most sites would want this behaviour.

Thanks! This particular use case is for a Wordpress site that hosts a podcast. I’m replacing the comments with Discourse and creating a topic for each episode. I’d like the topics in Discourse to reflect the date each podcast episode was published and not when the topic was created. I did it manually but was curious about another way.