Automatically replacing some tags with categories on existing forum

I’m considering adding some categories, and it would make things easier to be able to use a series of commands along the lines of “Move all topics with tag x to category y”.

In some cases I would want to remove the tag from all topics, either when moving topics or afterwards.

Is any of this possible?

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Thanks. I’ll likely go to the /tag/tagname pages and change categories from there through the web interface.

Now I just wonder how to remove specific tags from a list of topics – it is possible to replace, append, or remove all tags, but is it possible to remove one specific tag?

See also Administrative Bulk Operations


I bottled it and did it all via the web interface. The forum’s web-based “bulk actions” were good for re-categorising tagged topics, and for removing all tags on topics with only an unwanted tag (which was most of them). I did the rest one topic at a time… I only have hundreds of topics, not thousands or millions, so that was doable :slight_smile: