Automatically tag all solved topics with a solved tag?

This is a feature request.
Using discourse-solved plugin, it would be great if solved topics were automatically marked with a [solved] tag?
This would make it easy to find questions with answers.


You shouldn’t need a tag for this. Simply use URL filters:


A regular user wouldn’t know that query params are an option. An automatic tag would be consistent with the existing UX.
Scenario: a user reads a topic with an answer, sees a [solved] tag and clicks the tag.


Hmm, how about liking the solved icon to the filter? If viewing the topic list clicking the “solved checkbox” would add the ?solved=yes query parameter to the current topic view. If empty box on unsolved is enabled, clicking the empty box would add the ?solved=no query parameter.

Personally I just don’t see the need for dedicated tags here. We have an icon already, let’s use that.

this would work too, it would introduce a new UX method though. Do we have any other icons which work this way? Right now, any icons are connected to markup and actions, not to search or categorization. Or am I missing anything?
Searching for answered questions is especially useful for beginners, an fast and efficient way to learn. Using an automatic tag doesn’t require learning a new UX method. Tags are already a familiar ground.

What do you think would be a more obvious action for an unexperienced user, clicking an icon or a tag?

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Also check

I don’t want to make the UX more complex. I’m looking for an “invisible” solution, extending the use of existing routines behind the scenes.
The easiest to implement would be adding “mark as solved” to the advanced search options.
However automatic tags could be a more elegant solution (easier for the user).

Auto tags could include: a wiki, an answered question, a poll, a closed topic etc.