Hiding unsolved/solved posts

We’re using the solved plugin to track issues/bugs and requests. As the list grows it’s getting difficult to see what has been solved and what’s pending.

Is there a way to filter or hide solved/unsolved posts so users can get a view of what’s pending and what’s resolved?

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I think you can use advanced search for this; have you tried?

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No haven’t, a pointer would be great.

However while that’s okay for the admins, from an end user perspective it would be great to have a check box or option to show only solved or unsolved posts.

Simply enter text in the search box and press enter. Then expand the search options.

Or select the options link near the search box.

I don’t see any option to show only solved/unsolved posts:

I am pretty sure there is a search clause for this.


Try checking some of the topics that come up on search for it :wink:

I did and only thing I came up with was this post:

No resolution on this thread. Beginning to think this feature was overlooked.

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I take back that last sentence, looks like “in:solved” and “in:unsolved” are the terms to use to search for solved and unsolved items. So this is something admins / staff can use.

From an end user point it would be great to have a box/button that would hide solved posts leaving only unsolved or vice versa. I don’t see end users trying to search the discourse forum to figure out how to show only solved or unsolved posts :slight_smile:

EDIT: A drop down list option in the advanced search would be nice, but a button / box on the categories page would be brilliant and intuitive.


#pr-welcome for an improvement to advanced search that allows you to select in:solved and in:unsolved!


Sam are you suggesting a PR for including a drop down option in the list box for solved and unsolved or for adding a button/check box on the categories page to filter the posts for end users?

My #pr-welcome is for this screen:

Plugin to plug-in an option there.

In addition to your suggestion, I was referring to the plugin create setting that when enabled will create a drop down box next to Topic with 3 options:

  1. All
  2. Solved
  3. Unsolved

That would be inconsistent, possibly allowing an option in the top like the voting plugin does would be OK.

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Yep that would be awesome too, I completely agree. Something like the Voting button which provides 3 options to filter the posts.

EDIT: But this would be on the category page, so it would be a Drop down list on TOP of the Title or to the LEFT to the Title?

This is possible right now by adding a theme component with this script:

Would still be good to get it in the plugin as an option though.


Yes I saw that but couldn’t really figure out how to add the code. I definitely vote for the option in the plugin.

@david is this a complex task to add this option to the plugin?

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I would also very much love to have the admin-option to filter out solved Topics from New/Unread and Latest to not bother all users to wade through topics that have been addressed already.