Automatically update @mentions after renaming a group

I’ve been talking about getting groups going on our site for an embarrassingly long time now, but we’re finally doing it. At least, I publicly committed to it 3 weeks ago on our forum. One thing that was giving me a bit of anxiety was trying to establish some good naming conventions up front so we can have some more consistency and discoverability.

I was under the impression that if I were to choose a name like @foo and then later rename the group to @bar that it would break all previous mentions of that group.

But I just tested this out and it seemed to work.

  1. I created a group named @foo and made it mentionable
  2. I created a post and mentioned @foo within the post
  3. I changed the group name from @foo to @bar
  4. I went back to my post and was pleasantly surprised to see that @bar now showed up and went to the same group when I clicked it. Hmm… I can’t reproduce this anymore… the post still says @foo and is a broken link.

I’m still not quite over my anxiety though given the past conversations here about the difficulty of not breaking mentions when renaming users.

So help me out - is the existence of this feature for updating group mentions automatically on renames something I should believe in? Or did my eyes just play tricks on me?

Hmm… now I can’t reproduce that anymore… maybe I didn’t do what I thought I did the first time? It looks like mentions do not get automatically updated on group renames :frowning:

I guess that’s very similar to updating user mentions. Since I’m working on that, I’ll take a look at groups too.