When changing username, it should update mentions in the user's own posts



When you change the username of a user (e.g. userA to userB), it updates all the @mentions of their username to avoid broken mentions.



However, it doesn’t seem to update the mentions in the user’s own posts. If userA has a post containing @userA, it doesn’t change that to @userB when their username is changed.

It does update the mentions correctly in other users’ posts.

This also applies when they have been anonymised — the @mentions in their own posts display their original username, while mentions in others’ posts have the new anonymised username.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have a user make posts mentioning their own username
  2. Change their username or anonymise the user


@mentions of their username are updated in their own posts, to reflect the new username


@mentions of their username are not updated in their own posts, and stay as the old username

Extra comments

It’s relatively common enough for users in our forum to refer to themselves in third person (e.g. “you can tag @bloomexperiment if you have questions”)

You can see other examples here:

I’m not sure if the @mentions are registered only when other people make the mentions, but I suspect that might be the case. Feel free to set the category depending on whether this behaviour is intended or not — either bug or feature request.


That’s an interesting one. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that I am also seeing this behaviour:

Let me see what I can find out. :+1:


Thank you @bloomexperiment for your excellent bug report :clap:

It’s definitely an edge case we hadn’t considered and we’ll get it fixed.


@bloomexperiment Thanks for the detailed report. This has been fixed.


Thank you so much! Just wanted to say thanks to our users for posting about this too – I just collated the information.


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