Automation not respecting encrypt/not encrypt for auto-pms

Using Send PMs when a user is added to a group, there is a checkbox to send the PM encrypted. In my case, it always sends the PM encrypted no matter checked or unchecked - if the user has encryption enabled.


I’ve just installed discourse-encrypt on my test site and given this a run-through and it doesn’t seem to be doing the same for me. I can set up an auto-pm on group join, and it gets delivered without encryption (with the test user having encryption enabled).

Perhaps there’s something I could be doing differently?

I know what I could try. I haven’t enabled encryption for the user sending the message. I’ll give that a go.

Yes, I think I can replicate this. I’ll split it into a #bug topic and add some repro steps.:+1:

  • Enable discourse-encrypt and discourse-automation
  • Create automation for auto-PM on group-join with Encrypts PM if available toggled off
  • Set encryption for test_user and nominated PMs sender
  • Add test_user to group

  • test_user receives encrypted PM

There’s a PR in progress by @joffreyjaffeux :raised_hands: