Autopost from telegram to discourse?

Is there such a thing? I need that discourse makes automatic replies to a topic every time a telegram channel publishes content.

Read Telegram channels via RSS — Notifier + should do it



I was trying to make the plugin work, however after enableing the plugin I am not seeing these fields anywhere.

In other words there is nowhere to enter the rss feeds url. What could be wrong? Is there an alternative to this plugin?

Did you refresh the page?

Nevermind. Logged out and in and now it is there.

Ok, now that I made it work, there are a couple of issues:

  1. it doesn’t respect the category specified in “emeddings” tab. It just posts as uncategorized.

  2. it makes a new thread every time. I’d rather have it making replies in a single thread (I could live with this, though, but see next point…).

  3. i tried it with, watched the first 2 crawls, and it crawls from the page itself (the actual telegram post), and not from the rss page. This is making it useless do far.

Ok, now weirdness took over. I disabled the plugin and the authorized host from the “embed” tab and the assigned user keeps posting threads from telegram. There is no way to stop it. Will have to remove the plugin from app.yml ann rebuild.

@chi_noti_info did you ever get this working correctly? how?