Request a howto auto post from a RSS feed to a chat channel by eg. using

I would like to be able to follow a rss feed and when a new item - post this to a chat channel…

You can send a message to a webhook you’ve made for a given channel. There is a section of the Chat topic that covers it: Discourse Chat

Any kind of hosted services platform (such as will be able to generate a webhook, use that to send a message to the webhook you’ve created on your Discourse site. :+1:


I was not able to set it up (lack of tech skills I guess) therefore the req for a howto…

Help us help you.

Let us know how far you got, and we’ll try to guide you from there.

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Is there any similar solution in place for Topics?

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For RSS? Oh yeah!

GitHub - discourse/discourse-rss-polling is my favorite RSS reader, I use it a lot. :sunglasses: :+1:


Supporting chat channels?

No, I was answering @merefield’s question about RSS to topics.

@frold, if you follow @Stephen’s advice and let us know what you’ve done, we may be able to assist in a timely fashion.

Discourse Chat is still undergoing a lot of development and changes could still happen. Once the plugin has been released and stable, I’m sure the guides will be forthcoming. :slight_smile:

I’m still looking for a solution to automatically post content from an RSS feed to a chat channel. This way, the chat channel could work as a “news central” - instead of “spamming” the forum. The forum is not that active yet - so normal topics would get lost in the content if too many feeds were used for RSS Polling.