Available Locales Plugin

(Orlando Del Aguila) #1

Repo: Majal / discourse-available-locales · GitLab

This plugin allows you to limit the locales shown in the Interface language dropdown in the User settings.


Admin settings

  • available interface locales: List of locales that will be available for users to select.


  • This plugin will be enabled once you enable the allow user locale setting.


  • By default, all languages available in Discourse today (2018-04-27) are enabled.

Disable some user interface language options
(Cheng Zheng) #2

Just tried this (2018-4-29) Work for me!

Thanks for building this!
(I am just trying different plugin to get familiar with Discourse plugin ecosystem.)

0. Install

cd discourse/plugin
git clone https://gitlab.com/majalorg/discourse-available-locales

restart rails s

1. Set available language (as admin) (Chrome)

2. Use another browser to login as normal user (Firefox)