Disable some user interface language options

I would like to disable most of the available languages is the user interface language options (Profile -> Interface -> Interface language) except English (es), Spanish (es), and French (fr).

Is it possible?

I was looking to do this and is not possible using the SiteSettings. I created a plugin to be able to do it.


That’s a great plug-in but it doesn’t disable the languages at all, right? So we still have to wait ages for all language-files to be build every time we rebuild the app? From my experience this is the most time consuming part (or at least the most useless time spent waiting).

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I’m not sure if languages impact that much in build time, maybe someone from core can confirm this. If this is the case, then we for sure can do improvements in this area, locale files are kinda static so I think we can easy cache them at build time